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Mr Sharma was called to the Malaysian Bar in 2002 and has been actively practicing as a Litigator for over 12 years. Mr Sharma has been involved in various dispute settlements ranging from areas of Company Law, Insurance, Banking and Finance, Defamation, Employment Law, Equity and Trusts as well as General Litigation. Mr Sharma has conducted and assisted over 100 trials at all tiers of the Malaysian Courts. He is also experienced with handling more than 50 Appeals in the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court as Lead Counsel. Mr Sharma has also been engaged by various Solicitors firms to argue briefs and to conduct Appeals ......
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Notable Cases
Mr Sharma was engaged by Kulai Edible Oil to argue a point in the Court Of Appeal on a Certificate of Indebtedness issued by Maybank for a sum of more than RM 55,000,000 which in law is a conclusive proof of debt. Mr Sharma was successful in defeating the summary Judgment appeal with costs.
Maybank v Kulai Edible oil (in Liquidation)
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